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Updated: Apr 18, 2021

There is nothing easy about letting go of bad habits, mindsets or characteristics within yourself, but the moment you do is when you accept the challenge and the desire to want to change for the better. You have to break out of old habits and everything that you have known to be comfortable in, order to bring about new heights in life.

The first recognition, and most importantly, is letting go of the toxic people whom you surround yourself with. I've heard a saying that you are a replica of the main five people you have relation with. Imagine the person you desire to be and think about the first five people you communicate with on a daily basis. Do they support your higher self? Or do they drain your energy and lower your frequency? Are they supportive when you express wanting to better yourself, or do they support your dreams and motivate you to do and be better?

The first step to a healthy transition to a better you, begins with your circle of friends. Once you are ready to become who you desire to be, you may naturally outgrow people you once thought you couldn't live without. It's important for you to not fight this separation. Don't force a relationship that God is trying to free you from. Trying to hold onto that relationship would only hinder your growth and keep you in a revolving cycle of dissatisfaction. What's meant to be will naturally be. I once reached a point in my life when I was completely alone. No one to turn to but God. I talked to God more than ever.

Once I was alone and learned how to talk to God, is when I realized what the next important step to growth was, it's how you talk to yourself. The way you think of yourself ultimately determines how others treat you. Your thoughts are so important and it is the decider of what you attract. It's important to talk positive to yourself, and to cancel out every negative thought. Once you master your thoughts, you will attract the right people destined to bring you to where you are going. True happiness comes from within. You cannot depend on anyone to satisfy the person that only you know best!

After I eliminated all that was holding me back in life, I then had a clearer view of how I seen my future. Knowing exactly where you want to be gives you a sense of direction and purpose. Dream big! Don't let anyone's advice or opinions alter your decision to want anything less than the best for yourself.

So, instead of being your biggest enemy and critic. Be your greatest supporter! Turn self-doubt to self-reward. Be proud to be you, and also make the future you proud that you finally decided to believe in yourself!

Are you ready for a change? I have a challenge for you.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Write out 5 flaws about yourself

  2. Write out the opposing words/phrases

  3. Write out what you will do to change

  4. Say a prayer for God's forgiveness, strength, and guidance to become who he has called you to be.

  5. Forgive yourself, and do better tomorrow. ♥

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1 Comment

Aijalon Emmanuel
Aijalon Emmanuel
Jun 01, 2020

Thank you so much Asia! This is awesome.

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